The Medium

System requirements The Medium

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (x64)
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 960T; Intel i3550 and better
Memory: 8 GB
Video: AMD HD 6850; NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or better
DirectX: 11



The Medium

The horror genre continues to evolve and the creators of interactive entertainment are constantly coming up with new variations of game projects as a great way to pass the time. Yes, there are not many such developers among the general array of authors, but they are developing unique projects that drag on from the first minutes, constantly generate original ideas and simply delight their fans with a good quality product. We recommend downloading The Medium from our website.

More about the game

Here, for example, today we will tell you about a fairly well-known studio Bloober, who are some of those who create in the horror genre and are constantly happy with new projects of this genre orientation. And what is even more remarkable about this studio is the fact that each new project they get is much better than the previous one. They are especially good at writing storylines with unexpected and fascinating twists.

Polish horror story

It is time to take a new journey, during which you can learn about not the most joyful life story of one girl. So, let’s start with the fact that she is pregnant, however, as soon as the child began to at least show his presence, strange things began to happen to the girl. Sometimes even visions appeared. But the worst nightmare in The Medium was the haunting of a one-armed girl with a dead baby, who constantly wriggles in pain. And quite often it happens to see the fact that it was the girl who caused the death of her baby.

Later it became clear that the girl had the gift of a medium, and now she turned into a kind of lighthouse or landmark for demonic creatures. And torture awaits her, because she has already become a victim of the paranormal. In order for this torment to stop, you need to completely concentrate and find the answers. Praise heaven that the girls will not have to experience all this alone. One mysterious stranger volunteered to help her in such a difficult matter. Therefore, if you are ready for adventure, we recommend that you first download the The Medium torrent on our online portal for free.

Unique technology

Speaking about the features of the interactive project The Medium, it is necessary to mention that the authors implemented the original double world system in the game. That is, throughout the game you will interact with two different worlds at once. But be careful, because each of them can bring surprises. In order for gamers not to get confused and manage to navigate all the details of the gameplay, the game itself has a special fixed camera. It is more reminiscent of the cult project Silent Hill.

Regarding interaction with other worlds, first you will take a girl under your leadership and will be collecting items and valuable characters. Once you are at a dead end, you will have to free your soul and move to another world. However, being in the form of an incorporeal spirit, you will be in danger because the injuries received in this plane will automatically be transferred to the girl. And you should be as careful as possible, because if you forget, then she is pregnant.

Paranormal activity

But alas, it so happened that the girl was affected by the forces of evil. After all, this girl is a man of crystal clear soul, and her child is a desired goal for many minions of darkness. It is because of this that tremendous pressure is exerted on her, hallucinations and other troubles torment her. The heroine herself needs to do everything possible to keep herself in control and not slide into the abyss of despair. But we warn you right away, it will be painfully difficult, because the situation is heating up more and more. And remember that mediums are people associated with the supernatural, regardless of their own will, so these creatures can come to them at any time.

Curious puzzles

Also, another feature of the presented project will be the availability of puzzles. But they are not quite familiar, because you have to be active in two worlds at once. You will look for not only the indicated items, but also clues for clues. Therefore, you should be focused and try not to miss the important. If you like such game projects, then you urgently need to download The Medium torrent at the specified link and step by step approach the winning result.

You will get the opportunity to look at the world of horror in a completely different way and at the same time get a lot of vivid impressions. You just have to actively act and plunge into this fascinating adventure. We are absolutely sure that the game will be a pleasant pastime for you. Therefore, we wish you success and a great game!

Game features

innovative graphic design;
non-standard game mechanics of impact in two worlds;
unforeseen denouement of history;
original protagonist;
the presence of paranormal phenomena.

On this page you can download the game The Medium via torrent for free.



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