The Maze

System requirements The Maze:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel 1.06GHz
Graphics Card: 1 GB
Disk Space: 2 GB



The Maze

Have you ever had a desire to walk through a maze? So today you will see just such a game project, The Maze, where you can wander the expanses of the maze in the company of two lovely girls. They themselves, unwillingly, fell into this place and now can not find a way out. It will be necessary to try very hard in order to find a way out of this terrible place. While the girls are looking for a way to get out, someone invisible constantly taunts and deprives them of their will.

More about the game

Such a non-standard combination of adventures will give you the opportunity to take a closer look, see the small details of the interior, allow you to understand in which direction you should move and, perhaps, provide a chance to find out who will lead it. However, you should be vigilant, because the adventure will be quite dangerous and unpredictable.

Creepy maze

And then the question arises: what could scare you in this maze? The answer to the banal is simple – you will move around the area and now it seems that the desired goal is close, as after a couple of turns you understand that you were already at this place. Turn around and go in the opposite direction, as you come to where you started. This confusion makes you pretty nervous and even start to worry. After all, so you doubt your decisions. Also, such a condition will be transmitted to girls, so it will greatly affect their general condition. Do your best to get out of this maze, not to fall into cleverly placed traps. But first of all, you need to visit our game portal and download The Maze torrent there for free.

Dangerous adversary

The mysterious leader, who will comment on everything that happens, is also not so simple. In advance, he will arrange various traps for you, he will frighten the girls, sometimes speak on abstract topics, for example, about relatives, in order to distract their attention. You will have to overcome all difficulties and try to win this game. Try not to get into dangerous situations. And now you can begin to prepare to escape from this maze. You just need to download The Maze torrent on our online portal.

Game features

Labyrinth is always a big danger, because getting out of it is quite difficult. Sometimes those who got into the maze wandered there until they died, and some went crazy. You need to concentrate, carefully look around, notice different details and move step by step towards the exit. Well, it will be a difficult adventure, sometimes you will even give up, however, you must believe in yourself. Just watch carefully, save the girls and punish this invisible leader who has such a perverted fantasy.

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