The Magnificent Trufflepigs


System requirements The Magnificent Trufflepigs

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i5-3570 / AMD Ryzen ™ 3 2300X
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970 6GB / AMD Radeon ™ RX 570 (or equivalent with 6 GB + VRAM)
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 5 GB


The Magnificent Trufflepigs

An atmospheric game The Magnificent Trufflepigs, introducing us to a young and beautiful girl named Beth. Who cannot imagine life without adventure. Once upon a time, when the heroine was still young, she managed to find an expensive earring on her farm. Which allowed her to earn a lot of money. But recently, Beth’s life has become terribly boring and mundane. Forcing her to pick up a metal detector and start looking for a second earring. You will have exactly one week to complete this task, after which the farm will be demolished once and for all.

More about the game

In this difficult matter, you will be helped by a young guy Adam. For whom Beth has the most tender feelings. The main emphasis in the game is placed on the plot and feelings of the main characters, who are struggling to sort out their thoughts and, finally, find the long-awaited happiness. This joint adventure should help them remember their dreams and change their views on the world around them in the most radical way. If you love atmospheric games with an outstanding storyline, then we advise you to download The Magnificent Trufflepigs torrent for free right now.

Features of the game

Local gameplay is mostly tied to the simplest mechanics. You will be excavating, exploring different nooks and crannies, finding useful items and evoking emotions in the protagonist with the help of photographs. Also, as you progress through you will have to make a lot of fateful decisions that will affect the entire storyline. It should be noted that the atmosphere in the game is ideally combined with graphics and music, which will definitely not leave you indifferent. Immerse yourself in this world and do everything to make Beth and Adam truly happy people! Dozens of interesting tasks, unexpected plot twists and unpredictable discoveries await you ahead.

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