The Long Dark

System requirements The Long Dark

Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel i3 CPU @ 2.6GHz or higher
Video card: nVidia GTX 555 / 1GB VRAM



The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a survival simulator released on PC by Hinterland Studio Inc. in 2014. Represents a survival mode with elements of the open world. The player will need to examine the locations and find all sorts of moral decisions that affect the course of the game and the subsequent development of people. A computer game is based on learning – it will only be individuals who survived with their own ingenuity and the gift to listen to the environment. Long darkness is full of colorful landscapes and secrets.

The main character – Wil Mackenzie, his plane crashed, heading to the city of Sitka, in the face of an unknown global collapse. Actions take place in the wilds on the coast of Canada. The main goal of the gamer is to stay alive in order to clarify what exactly happened to the planet and what changes happened. On the way gamers will meet and other surviving people, meetings with which will be risky. However, this game is not about battles and killings. There will be very few battles, but they will all become deadly. Knowledge and abilities are the most important resources, so the user needs to evaluate the usefulness of each of the survivors and the potential threat that comes from them.

The Long Dark is a computer game that demonstrates the unique importance of the emergence of independent developers in the gaming industry, because they were able to bring a lot of innovation. This project has not been left aside, which allows you to experience all the delights of the quest genre.

The game takes place in our world, and the main character is Wil Mackenzie. This guy lived an ordinary life, until he decided on a long flight to his hometown Sitka. But he did not expect at all that for him it would turn into a plane crash, because the plane on which the main character was heading had crashed right along the coast of Canada. But fortunately, the protagonist just managed to survive, for which he is incredibly happy. But the local weather conditions do not contribute to survival. The cold forces the main character to simply use the maximum of what he can do in the field of self-preservation.

In order to try to get out of this wild wasteland, the protagonist begins to use all the possibilities that opens before him. He will often find various abandoned houses, scary places, and useful items. It is up to the last to follow, because often you have to face the fact that you will need this or that thing in order to advance further in the project.

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