The Last One

System requirements The Last One

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)
Processor: 2 GHZ Dual Core.
Video card: GPU with 1 GB RAM.
RAM (GB): 2.0.
Free space on HDD (GB): 5.0.


The Last One

The future often becomes the cause of various disasters, so now in the game you have to go to the city of Istanbul, which has become a victim of an unsuccessful scientific experiment. A terrible virus broke free and enslaved living people who have now become zombies, or turned into terrible monsters. Everyone died except for the main character, who now calls himself “the last”. And to help the main character survive and solve all the mysteries, you just need to download The Last One via torrent for free and start the adventure.

More about the game

As you might have guessed, you will have to survive completely alone. Try to explore the city of Istanbul, find clues that allow you to understand what exactly caused the disaster and do not lose hope to find other survivors, because not so long ago, mysterious signs were discovered in the city that only a living person could leave.

Story line

Given that in the game The Last One, you have to live in the neighborhood with terrible monsters, you need to find weapons and try to learn how to use them. Use melee weapons, do not forget to use firearms and try to think carefully about your actions. Remember, darkness hides many dangers and try to stay away from it.

Support team

In addition to the single-player company, The Last One provides a cooperative game that allows you to go to survive as part of a group of other players. But, if you decide to use this item, then it is worth waiting for the complication and new generation of the environment. There will be many more enemies, supplies will be scarce, and your comrades will be suspicious and can shoot you in the back at any moment. Do not trust them to the end and be vigilant.

Game features

Fully recreated city of Istanbul with all the streets and attractions.
Modern graphics that support 4K resolution.
Maps are available that mark specific research points.
The story is composed of several interesting and challenging episodes.
Weapons can be upgraded and improved.
There is an opportunity to pump your hero and improve his abilities.
Try to become part of the conflict between the rebels and the military, despite all the danger, you have to make a choice between the parties to the conflict.
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