The Last Night

System requirements The Last Night

OS: Windows Vista, Windows 10
Gamepad support: Full


The Last Night

The Last Night is a platformer about the future, and how close, judge for yourself: the main character lives in a world where people prefer rest to work, more precisely, they are forced to prefer it, because human efforts are valued little by society, everything is done by advanced robots, which are both stronger and smarter and even more creative. Many Homo Sapiens like such a carefree life – play and have fun!

More about the game

Most people like it, especially since the incomes of different strata of society were equal, but still not everyone. The main character is among the latter. Because he is not only on a social day (complete sameness has not come), but he also received an injury that made him immune to mass values, to all these cybernetic tricks. In this space, he feels bad. And now there is a chance to influence what is happening.

Story line

The game can be called cybernetic noir. In general, it is very cinematic, or rather, even multigenic, because the graphics are not detailed, but in a pixel style. But this pseudo-3D picture is able to bewitch. Yes, it’s just great that you can play in 4K resolution. And by the way, the game was announced, in general, in honor of the Xbox One X and it happened at E3. This is exclusive to this console, but many can breathe – there will be a Windows version. You can download The Last Night torrent game for free from our website.

Game features

The game was conceived and conceptualized during a six-day jam. The authorship belongs to the brothers Sora. They described their project as “Blade Runner” combined with delicious pixel art. Also, the creators were inspired by the games Another World, Flashback, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Working on The Last Night, the brothers found like-minded people and opened the Odd Tale studio. Raw Fury Games decided to publish her debut. And the Microsoft Corporation itself took up the announcement. This instills confidence that the project will not be delayed.

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