The Immortal Mayor


System requirements The Immortal Mayor:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 3 GHz (A10 7850K, i3-2000)
Video card: 4GB VRAM (R9 280, GTX 960)
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 10 GB


The Immortal Mayor

Managing an entire village and commanding its inhabitants is easy! It is enough to download The Immortal Mayor via torrent for free. The game was created by the Chinese studio Star Chess Studio and is a classic city building simulator. You act as a god, and the main inspiration is the faith of your subjects. The gameplay is standard for the genre: build infrastructure, check the state of resources, provide residents with food and education, and arrange entertainment.

More about the game

A feature of The Immortal Mayor project is the ability to learn and use spells. Magic will allow you to turn mountains into plains and drive away evil spirits from the village. There will be no tranquility: the settlement is constantly attacked by monsters, so the knowledge of fortification will come in handy in the first place. Residents have their own preferences and desires. They are happy when they live in new homes and get enough food. Citizens’ dissatisfaction grows when they are unemployed or cannot find suitable entertainment. The settlers need constant monitoring. Come up with an occupation for them, teach them crafts and sciences. Channel their desire in a constructive direction and become a real guru of urban planning.

The main tasks facing the player:

Monitor the condition of buildings and expand the settlement;
to please the gods so that they do not send damage to the village;
help settlers in construction using magic;
maintain order in the village and monitor the contentment of subordinates;
resist natural disasters;
actively work on resource extraction.

The role of the deity is a heavy burden. Make your citizens’ lives happy and they will work productively for the good of the village. With skillful leadership, the settlement will grow, and the glory of the wise ruler will spread throughout the empire.

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