The Guise


System requirements The Guise:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 2 GHz
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: 2 GB
Disk space: 1 GB

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The Guise

The Guise is a very dark metroidvania project. You will learn about a boy who was trapped in the body of a real monster. Will he remain human? You decide.

More about the game

The main character is named Ogden. This is an orphan. He is very curious. This is what played an extremely cruel joke on him. He disobeyed the owner of the shelter where he lived and entered the closed room. The hero could not resist an incredible temptation and decided to try on a mask that was bewitched. But she turned him into a real monster. Now he needs to get used to the new body. Master incredible abilities. But at the same time, try to maintain humanity in yourself. You have incredible agility, tremendous strength and excessive capabilities on your side. All this is inaccessible to ordinary people. Be careful. Everything in this world is against you. Remember this. You should rather download The Guise via torrent on your PC.

Game features

In this world, a lot of scary locations have been prepared for you: deserted settlements, extremely gloomy forests, valleys, concealing death and frightening dungeons.
The main feature of the gameplay is your monster form. If you were an ordinary hero in human form, you would use a sword in fights. But currently only the skills of the beast can be used.
In order to get new abilities, defeat bosses and take on the skills they have. For victories over simple enemies, you will be presented with the eyeballs of the enemy. This is the local currency. Buy new abilities with her.

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