The Fortress of Varnolis


System requirements The Fortress of Varnolis:

OS: Windows 8/10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460
Video card: Intel Core i5-4460
Disk space: 2 GB

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The Fortress of Varnolis

The Fortress of Varnolis is an impressive horror movie. The action in it comes from the third person. You will be able to go on an interesting adventure. In it you will escape from the ancient dungeon, which is shrouded in dark secrets. The action begins with the fact that the boy suddenly wakes up in an unknown and very scary dungeon, which is located in an ancient fortress. There are many enemies around who seek to break the hero, and dangers.

More about the game

The game tells the mysterious story of a boy. He is constantly battling his nightmares. He woke up because of them. You will need to help the boy to overcome the dark dungeons, be able to solve difficult puzzles and defeat monsters, as well as reveal secrets. He will also gradually make his way to the very top of the terrible dungeon.

Game features

You need to actively run around the locations, explore the premises, solve various puzzles and survive.
You need to do everything possible to escape. But for this you need to reach the top of the tower.
In the course of this game you will learn the interesting history of this place and get acquainted with its inhabitants.
This interesting horror is sure to delight you with just an incredible atmosphere.

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