The Forgettable Dungeon


System requirements The Forgettable Dungeon

OS: Windows XP or higher.
Processor: 2 GHZ.
Grafik: OpenGL compatible graphics card.
Disk space: 400 MB.


The Forgettable Dungeon

The Forgettable Dungeon is a top-down voxel arcade game about clearing labyrinths from any cubic abomination in cooperative mode. When creating the game, the authors were clearly inspired by adventure games in the spirit of Zelda and The Punisher – from the first arcade received a proprietary exploration, from the second – meat slaughter.

More about the game

The gameplay of the game is as simple as a single voxel. Know yourself, drive through procedural dungeons in a group of up to 15 (!) People, smash, dolby and bend everything that gets in your way, swallow useful and not very bonuses, and throw the found objects into the walls. Boss fights with weighty cubes are offered as a snack. It seems that this is it, real fun! But it was not there. There is one little problem, and it is called “permanent death.” If you are going to die in the game, then you can order a magnificent funeral, because you will not be able to be reborn, even in a cooperative.

Features of the game

In general, be careful, watch your step and try not to slip on the flying cubes. By the way, in the development of the game they are still working on improvements. If the authors find additional inspiration, then the game will include arena PvP and the “Dungeon Master” mode, in which one of the players will confront a united group of researchers.

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