The Fog

System requirements The Fog:

Support for 64-bit systems only
Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel I5 2500k
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 750ti
Hard disk space: 4 GB



The Fog

We recommend a new action with horror elements called The Fog. This game project will undoubtedly bring a huge surge of adrenaline and a lot of positive emotions to all lovers of the work of the most popular workaholic pen of our time – Stephen King. Relying on reliable statements by independent masters of the gaming industry from Horizon Games, the creation of The Mist, one thousand nine hundred and eightieth year of release, was recommended by your respected community of fans of virtual hobbies from Horizon Games. Thanks to this outcome, the entire storyline of the game project is saturated with the aroma of retrospective.

More about the game

What can be said about the game history of The Fog simulator, it is extremely simple and absolutely understandable. The main character found himself not known where, it is unclear how, and for what reason. The most understandable factor in this situation is the fact that he very quickly needs to get out of a strange place of stay. In such an interesting way, your path takes root in the depths of one of the many unexplored villages of vast America. A small province, which is almost all the time dominated by such a natural phenomenon as a nebula and not at all a positive human trait, such as a thirst for violence, robbery, murder (this is especially expressed at night).

Story line

Characterized virtual products The Fog has in its arsenal a number of difficulties and obstacles, which are provided in the form of numerous powerful rivals. We strongly advise you to pay attention to all the nooks and crannies of game cards, because the supplies of cartridges and medical devices can be located in any, even the most unexpected place. Combine the entire territory with indecent meticulousness and zeal, because the most inconspicuous, at first glance, details promise great trouble and a threat to the life of your subordinate.

Game features

In order to complete all the proposed missions, you will have to resort to the stealth mode, which consists in minimizing the use of the found weapons, in order not to attract too much attention from any horror movie to your person. A similar fate awaits the owners of the flashlight, since a ray of light passing through the dense fog will surely attract terrible creatures like a loud shot from a weapon. If you are really intrigued by this fantastic resource, download The Fog from our website, which constantly goes through the process of updating game products. Good luck in the fight against monsters!

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