The Final Station

System requirements The Final Station:

OS: Windows XP and up
Processor: 1 Ghz and up
Video Card: Built in toaster
Disk Space: 1.4 GB


The Final Station

The unpredictability of the apocalypse is the worst of all, because you do not know when everything that surrounded you will be destroyed. The Final Station user will also have to face the apocalypse. In the game world, all people have disappeared without a trace. Of course, some remained, but their number is too small, and each time they become infected with an unknown virus, becoming victims. You have to control the character, a man who miraculously survived.

More about the game

Your hero The Final Station was able to get a weapon and take possession of the locomotive, and now this transport will become your home, and will serve as a base that moves. You have to travel around the game space, get fuel, deal with the infected, and try to survive in this complex and dangerous world. Survival is your main task in the game. But, besides this, you will encounter other characters who have survived, who spend all their efforts not to get infected. You will meet a variety of people. Some of them will be kind, someone will turn out to be evil or selfish.

Game features

If you want to help them and save, do not rush to conclusions, and once again think whether they and you need it. Perhaps saving people, you will encounter new problems? Maybe they are not the ones they claim to be, and will be dangerous to you? Download The Final Station via torrent, we recommend to all lovers of such projects. The game will allow you to understand that in any situation it is important to maintain self-control, get rid of harmful emotions, and always remain yourself. And this applies to all times, including the apocalypse. After all, no one will take care of your life except you.

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