The Faceless Double

System requirements The Faceless Double

OS: Windows 7 or Greater
Processor: Intel Core 2 1.06Ghz
Video Card: Integrated graphics



The Faceless Double

You know, there is a very popular expression: “Fear your desires.” And it is very true, because sometimes our desires carry a great danger. This was the experience of the hero of the new interactive adventure The Faceless Double, who passionately wanted the world around to change. However, when he made such a wish, he did not suspect that the changes would be so global, and he would fall into a real trap.

More about the game

The worst thing is that the accomplished thing cannot be undone already and it is almost impossible to somehow fix it. Therefore, everyone is now on the verge of extinction. Your task in the game The Faceless Double is to help the protagonist gather his courage and find the god who can help to somehow stabilize the situation. However, no one knows exactly where to look for him, what is his appearance and what to expect from what is happening.

Unusual visual

It should also be mentioned that the presented game project is endowed with non-standard visualization. You will observe what is happening in pixel format, but all the adventures will be very atmospheric and exciting. This narrative style is also part of our hero’s desire. You need to deal with everything as quickly as possible, but for this you need to visit our game portal and download The Faceless Double torrent there for free. Enjoy the gaming atmosphere and enjoy the moments. Use all the opportunities that are exposed to you, then success will not take long.

The developed world

Despite the somewhat controversial visualization, you had the opportunity to find out the entertaining story of our main character, who is doing everything to correct what he has done. In addition, you will get a lot of vivid impressions from the story and will use different objects in order to solve puzzles and even small battles. But the main feature of the presented game will be an amazing visualization of dialogs between game characters and non-standard situations. This style fit perfectly into the general atmosphere and filled it with freshness and originality. If you are interested, then do not waste time, but rather follow the specified link. There, on our website, you will get the opportunity to download The Faceless Double torrent for free.

And now you have to find a lot of free time to go on this adventure and complete it. Use your abilities, only in this way you can help the main character achieve victorious success and fix the world, which, due to his frivolous desire, has changed beyond recognition.

Game features

non-standard narration;
a chance to make a difference in this world;
puzzles of different difficulty levels;
huge world;
a large number of bonus tasks.

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