The Eternal Cylinder

System requirements The Eternal Cylinder

Processor: Intel Core i5-7600
Video Card: GTX 2070
RAM (GB): 16.0


The Eternal Cylinder

In an adventure game called The Eternal Cylinder, which you can download torrent on our portal, you have to go to an unknown planet, where you have to survive in unusual conditions. Here you will meet with various exotic creatures-Trebum, in the role of one of which you will play. The main problem is that Trebums are peaceful creatures and are at the very bottom of the food chain, so they become prey for most of the larger and stronger predators, which are more than enough in this world. In order to survive, you have to try to grow your pet for such a size that he can resist most predators and fight for his life.

More about the game

In the game The Eternal Cylinder, which you can download for free from our portal, the main action takes place on a planet with surreal landscapes. Everywhere a riot of bright colors, and bewitching locations are striking in their beauty. The main danger of this world is an ancient artifact called the Cylinder – a cyclopean structure of unknown origin, in constant motion and crushing everything in its path.

Game features

When managing your wards, you must be aware that danger surrounds you literally from all sides, and it will be very, very difficult to hide from it. We suggest you download The Eternal Cylinder by torrent and do everything so that the process of evolution of Trebumov occurs as quickly and painlessly as possible. As they evolve, the Trebums will acquire completely unique abilities and will be able to withstand most dangers, but for this they need to absorb other creatures in order to ensure constant growth and development.

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