The Day Before


System requirements The Day Before

64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
Processor: Intel Core i5-4430.
75 GB HDD.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Video Memory: 2 GB.
DirectX 11.
Broadband internet connection
Keyboard, mouse


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The Day Before

It is a legendary survival and shooter game that takes place in America during the post-pandemic. After the outbreak of the pandemic, hungry, ferocious and frenzied cannibals flooded the world, killing people for food, weapons and cars for food. If you like this genre of the game, we recommend downloading The Day Before to your pc via torrent for free. The user will have to look for all possible ways and resources for survival, monitor the necessary indicators and conduct dialogues with the NPC. You can also trade in safe places, in the settlement of survivors, creating an alliance with other players. After all, you need to stick together with the survivors who will help you in difficult times too.

More about the game

You will play the main role of a survivor in a troubled territory teeming with insatiable zombies and criminals. The player will be faced with the task of traveling around the country, searching other people’s houses, in search of resources. Also visit the camp of the survivors, intended as a hub location. For the thrill and fun you can download The Day Before to your pc via torrent for free. Before it’s too late, the player must try to restore the former society.

Game features

In order to survive, you need to find at least some food, the necessary supplies, equipment and other various things. You have to thoroughly conduct searches in abandoned cars, skyscrapers and empty houses. You will have no choice but to rely only on yourself, therefore, you need to be extremely careful. At any moment, an angry flock of cannibals can attack you. The presence of genuine weapons, which the developers have provided with the best properties, will help you in the fight against the infected and bandits. You will be delighted with high-quality detailing of vehicles, and dangerous, but such beautiful places.

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