The Day After

System requirements The Day After

OS: Win 10
Video Card: 1070
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Disk Space: 8 GB



The Day After

The plot of FPS The Day After is quite trivial – a biological disaster occurred in a small mining village, as a result of which the entire population was infected with a deadly virus. This virus does not kill a person, but turns him into a bloodthirsty and merciless zombie. Some residents survived this disaster, and your hero is one of them. In order to continue to survive, you will have to actively cooperate with other people and fight back from zombie attacks.

More about the game

In addition to your character, the game has several dozen NPKs, carefully designed and with its own character. You will have to actively interact with each of them: ask for help, bargain, persuade, and so on. Moreover, each action has its consequences – it may turn out that you offend the character and he will no longer help you.

Game Features

That’s why the game is interesting – you should think through your every action and every step in detail.
The game is developed using the most modern technologies, therefore, in addition to the extensive functionality, you will find high-quality graphics, huge gaming capabilities and a lot of interesting chips. However, you can verify this yourself by downloading The Day After via torrent for free.

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