The Dark Eye Memoria


System requirements The Dark Eye Memoria

OS: Windows Vista / 7/8.
Processor: 2.5 GHz single core processor or 2 GHz dual core processor
RAM: 2500 MB RAM
Video card: Video card with its own 512 MB RAM, compatible with OpenGL 2.0.
DirectX: Version 9.0c.
Disk space: 10 GB.

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The Dark Eye Memoria

We present you an incredibly interesting PC game that will allow you to travel after several main characters. The southern princess Saja, who dreams of becoming a war hero, and the bird catcher, Heron, who pursued the goal of removing the curse from his beloved. To truly relive these unforgettable stories of heroes, we suggest you download The Dark Eye Memoria to your pc via torrent.

Main actions in the game

The heroine Saja, a southern princess, really wants to leave her mark in history by becoming the greatest warrior. And decides to join the grand War of the Mages in Aventuria in the middle of the desert. Another character, birder Heron wants to free his girlfriend Nuri from the evil curse that turned her into a crow. To do this, he goes in search of the mysterious merchant Fahi, who is endowed with magical skills and can help him.

But not everything is so simple, since the merchant first tells Heron to solve some of the riddles that he dreamed about. After a series of events linking the story of the two main characters. Heron receives answers, and the present turns into a forgotten past. If you are interested in the beginning of the plot, you should definitely download The Dark Eye Memoria to your pc via torrent.


This fantasy adventure combines point & click gameplay with interesting puzzles with magical features and speaking composition. Players will be able to relive the fates of Heron and Saji in more than eight chapters, only 500 years apart. The graphics are incredibly vibrant and intense with mythical locations, unique fantasy stories and original puzzle styles.

Features of the game

Also, the passage will be accompanied with a fantastic soundtrack and high-quality dubbing. The world of the Dark Eye with its mystical ancient temples built by dragons will immerse you in a gloomy and dark atmosphere. If you pay attention to the 3D characters and gorgeous 2D backgrounds. You will realize that they were created by very talented artists who filled the game with a special style.

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