The Curious Expedition

System requirements The Curious Expedition:

OS: Windows 7
CPU: 2 GHz
Videocard: 1280×720, OpenGL 2.0, 128 MB
Free hard drive space: 150 MB


The Curious Expedition

An exciting RPG adventure game The Curious Expedition will allow you to feel like a pioneer, giving you the opportunity to explore new lands. You have to go to the nineteenth century, where science and technology went hand in hand and were in a stage of rapid development. Humanity opens up new opportunities and assimilates technology. There is so much unknown in the world, tourists who take photos as a keepsake do not scurry around, and only you have the unique opportunity to discover new places, find the untold riches of the ancient and unimaginable treasures. Gamers will be able to explore the mysterious lands and underground caves, enjoy the beauties of pristine nature – lakes, forests, plains and mountains, visit the lost cities and learn about the missing civilizations.

More about the game

It is worth noting that the generation of locations along which you will navigate occurs randomly, so there are no repetitions in the quality, quantity and type of land. At the very beginning, the map will be limited to several places, but along the way it will expand significantly. Much attention is given to carefully traced terrain. Various obstacles in the form of ponds, rocky terrain and other things will constantly arise on your way. It is also worth fearing criminals and monsters. To develop the territory was more fun, you can assemble a team whose members you can trust. Participants in the adventure have unique characteristics, a peculiar character and outlook on life, you can see how in the process of the game their worldview and attitude to what is happening will change.

The Curious Expedition project contains the most vivid and memorable elements from various popular adventure pieces. There are references to such a novel, “Around the World in Eighty Days,” which shows both already known lands, as well as those where humanity has yet to visit. To feel a lot of positive emotions, just download The Curious Expedition using the menu of our game portal. Everything here is saturated with a thirst for adventure and adventurism. Be sure you will not be bored for sure. Starting the journey, you will find new worlds and countries. To always navigate the storyline, use a map that shows the abundance of territories and objects to be investigated. In the process of passing locations, you will get to know different characters, each of which is unique and incredibly interesting in its own way. You will meet with monsters, mythical creatures, unusual animals, and even dinosaurs.

So that the trip was not in vain, and you were able to make dizzying discoveries, while not putting your life in danger, you need to form a reliable team. It is in your power to collect only the most courageous and responsible characters, with a share of curiosity and adventurism. Just imagine, you can explore the world with real celebrities of the past. Choose Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Amelia Earhart and others. But do not relax, you need to carefully consider every nuance of the expedition, because your life and the fate of the entire crew will depend on the quality of preparation.

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