The Convenience Store

System requirements The Convenience Store:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel / Amd
Video Card: Nvidia / Amd
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 2 GB


The Convenience Store

The Convenience Store game, download from the torrent, which you can on our website is a bright representative of Japanese indie horror. The game scares primarily not scrimmers and monsters chasing the player, but a depressing anxious atmosphere, strange sounds and a premonition of impending horror. The plot of the game is not complicated: you play as a night shift worker in a store outside the city at a dead end of a certain road. You are constantly surrounded by darkness, the hum of fluorescent lamps and a few buyers. Sociable or frighteningly silent. The measured routine of night work gradually begins to break the manifestations of the otherworldly.

More about the game

The gameplay of the horror game The Convenience Store, which we offer to download from the torrent, takes from forty minutes to an hour and a half. You can explore your little shop, and nearby buildings on the outskirts of the town. To advance the plot, you need to periodically watch videos from the store’s surveillance cameras or let other game characters see them. You have to figure out what factors determine the occurrence of paranormal activity and what needs to be done to survive until the end of the game.

Game features

An interesting feature of the game is an old-school filter that creates the feeling of viewing an old VHS cassette. Together with monotonous voice acting, this works well to create a frightening and uncomfortable atmosphere from the very beginning of the game. By downloading The Convenience Store from a torrent, you guarantee yourself an unusual and creepy experience. This game is quite capable of scaring even a player experienced in Asian horror games, so we recommend playing alone at night to achieve the best effect. In the course of the passage, unexpected discoveries, sudden encounters with eerie otherworldly creatures and solving difficult puzzles, without which no self-respecting horror game does, will be waiting for you.

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