The Captain is Dead

System requirements The Captain is Dead

OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or later, Windows 10.
Processor: TBD – Nothing too spicy though!
Video card: DX 10 card with shader model 4.0.
Disk space: 2 GB.



The Captain is Dead

It’s amazing that sometimes developers can create games based on desktop entertainment. So today you will have the opportunity to have a good time and get the most out of the game The Captain is Dead, which offers to become the captain of a spaceship and try to achieve success in saving your team. At first, it might seem that this is nothing complicated, but as soon as you take up captainhood, you will immediately feel all the troubles and problems. After all, the situation will be difficult and will require precise coordination of actions, the ability to properly use their capabilities and try to actively use any means to achieve success.

More about the game

In the game you will manage the team, clearly coordinating all actions and trying to achieve a good result. The condition for starting the game will be either a breakdown of the ship itself, an alien capture, equipment failure or a terrible fire. In each situation, you have to give directions and try to plan everything ahead. Yes, it will be difficult, but do not waste time and just start practicing your skills. Remember that any mistake can lead to a worsening of the whole situation, and your task is not only to save the ship, but also to save the crew. Therefore, you just have to download The Captain is Dead via torrent to PC for free.

Dynamic difficulty level

Another interesting side of the adventure is that it will have a dynamic level of difficulty. At first, the levels will be simple and it will be possible to solve the problem in minutes, then the game system will be adjusted so that after each of your decisions the conditions change, which will greatly complicate the passage. Nevertheless, this approach will not make the game impossible to complete. Therefore, we recommend that you actively practice your skills and try to absorb all the experience gained that will allow you to succeed.

Game features

First of all, you need to download The Captain is Dead torrent on your PC and after that all functions and commands will become available to you. Now you will have at your disposal a whole team that will completely obey you. It will be enough to lead them correctly and try to achieve success. Do not worry, the result will certainly be, but many times to lose, but the experience gained after this will allow you to confidently move on. Good luck!

On this page you can download the game The Captain is Dead via torrent for free on PC.



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