The Ballad of Bonky


System requirements The Ballad of Bonky

OS: Windows 7
Grafik: Support for OpenGL 3.3
Gamepad support: Full

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The Ballad of Bonky

This is an unusual arcade adventure that invites you to go to the arena of clay characters and try to prove your superiority. But first of all, you have to download The Ballad of Bonky torrent on your PC in order to start actively conquering all the available spaces and try to achieve victory. Yes, it will be extremely difficult to do this, but a correct understanding of the gameplay and taking into account all the nuances will allow you to reach the finish line among the winners. You just have to try to use all your opportunities correctly and try to be the first in terms of adventures.

Unusual surroundings

A curious advantage of your adventure is that the game is entirely created with animated clay. The developers literally created all this environment by hand and are now ready to share their developments with you. Similar experiments with interactive worlds have been carried out in the past. But thanks to modern technology, you will have the opportunity to contemplate something new, perfect and unique. At the same time, the gameplay will be aimed exclusively at the competitive aspect with many nuances and the ability to win even in a hopeless match.


The main goal of the game is to defeat opponents and survive. Sometimes the arenas will be open, and sometimes they will surprise you with the presence of a labyrinth, traps and other unexpected details. Are you ready for such a confrontation? Then you should start actively conquering the whole space and try to download The Ballad of Bonky via torrent first of all for free. Now everything will be in your hands, try not to disappoint our expectations and defeat everyone in this game.

Features of the game

A wide variety of battle arenas.
Ability to choose the type of weapon and ability.
Only one participant must survive.
Traps and chaos on the battlefield will be a nice decoration.
Unusual graphics and atmosphere of the “clay” game.

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