The Ascent

System requirements The Ascent

OS: Windows 10.
Processor: 760 GTX or equivalent.
Video Card: i3 processor or equivalent.
Disk space: 15 GB.
Gamepad Support: Full



The Ascent

Fascinating adventures and even in the role-playing role-playing genre are the best gaming cocktail for gamers. Therefore, we have for you an excellent novelty The Ascent, which will allow you to go to the expanses of the cyberpunk universe. There you should find out the causes of the global apocalypse. However, you will have to be as careful as possible, because you will find an original story and a large number of unique discoveries. In a word, you will have to free up a lot of time for the game and begin active actions with the environment to obtain basic information.

The Return of Cyberpunk

As you already understood, you should understand a story that is full of interesting details. The presented game world is made in the genre of cyberpunk, from which people benefit. One global corporation is committed to maintaining global balance, offering people good jobs and decent salaries. However, such an idealistic relationship could not last forever, and in the end, everything turned into significant problems. The corporation began to fall apart and this entailed a whole chain of disasters.

More about the game

And now the once successful and prosperous world has turned into a real hell. The main character must understand all these events, find out the reasons for their appearance, in order to understand what really caused such large-scale destruction. And still have to look for ways to restore everything destroyed. Of course, the chances of a successful completion are very few, but you should not give up. So, if you want active adventures, then you should not miss the opportunity to download The Ascent torrent from the link in the description for free.

Hit or die

The Ascent game will begin when there will be real chaos around. Crowds of monsters, bandits and other not very friendly creatures are already running around the world, and they will be a huge problem for you. However, you should understand that our character is far from the most ordinary person, he knows almost everything about weapons, can use his varieties and apply combat skills. That is, before you will be a great copy of Diablo, only better and more fun. Moreover, the theme of the game is cyberpunk, well-designed and connected with all the details in the gameplay. In a word, you have to study the world for a long time and with great care.

Pumping and research

Another interesting moment of the gaming adventure The Ascent will be the opportunity to improve your character without restrictions and conventions. A large number of abilities, control over all characteristics and other necessary abilities – all this will give you a chance to create a truly original character. Another remarkable moment will be the adventure itself, during which you will explore this game world. In it, all the details are firmly connected and each action will have certain consequences. Killing one character and saving another will also have consequences in the future.

Even ordinary sewer cleaning can have unexpected consequences, such as the appearance of partisans, and a failed theft will completely ruin your reputation to the ground. So, before making any decisions, you need to be prepared for everything. And such generations contribute to the emergence of many adventures, and amazing and unique. All that is needed is just to download The Ascent torrent on our game portal and enjoy the game.

We can still talk about the presented game project for a very long time, however, the best confirmation of our words will be your personal feelings when you plunge into this game world. Sometimes situations will arise when everything will be against you, but this will become the basis for a great gameplay. You will be full of impressions, and you will also learn an amazing story. We can only wish you good luck in the game!

Game features

cyberpunk as the main theme of the entire project;
adventures in the Diablo genre;
random selection of events;
unlimited opportunities for character improvement;
holistic world with interconnectedness.

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