The Anacrusis


System requirements The Anacrusis

OS Windows 10.
Processor AMD FX-8350 / Core i5 6600K.
Disk space25 GB
Video cardAMD Radeon HD 3870 / Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT.

The Anacrusis

This is a fun shooter, the events that unfold on a giant spaceship that crashes on the very edge of the explored universe. If you are a fan of space games, then, undoubtedly, you should download The Anacrusis torrent for free on our website.

They found us

In its passage, players, together with their team, will have to participate in fierce battles against an alien race. In this replayable game, you and your friends will fight against aliens, as well as unlock power-ups, weapons and new ways to play with your team. You will meet four heroes who have become involuntary participants in the battle with aliens. Each hero will tell his story and how they were lucky to stay alive.

Endless possibilities

You will fight with amazing fantastic equipment that will easily cope with the threat of aliens. To stall for a little time, you can use a stasis grenade, throwing which, you can organize yourself a shelter that will help you heal. Users will be able to use the Resurrector to bring their friends back to life. But the laser rifle will turn out to be more than ever, by the way, and will burn out the opponents around you. We recommend you download The Anacrusis torrent for free.

Key features of the game

The ability to join the community.
The battles are not repeated.
You can get points and use new skills.
During the passage, players will be able to share bonuses with other participants.
Destroy aliens using fantastic weapons.

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