The Amazing Spider Man 2

System requirements The Amazing Spider Man 2:

Windows OS: Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core® 2 Duo 2.6 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Video card: NVidia GeForce 8800 GT / AMD Radeon HD4770
Hard disk space: 9 GB


The Amazing Spider Man 2

As always, New York is once again the victim of an incredible outbreak of violence. The police, as always, can do nothing, but the legendary Spider-Man, behind whose guise Peter Parker is hiding, is powerless, because there are too many criminals, and he alone does not have time to figure it out. The situation is compounded by the fact that in the shadow of all this lawlessness stands a completely different person who decides to establish justice by his own methods and responds with terror to terror. The mysterious invisibility destroys famous criminals one by one, but in his struggle he does not pay attention to collateral damage and Parker understands that he must be stopped at all costs, because the death of innocent people should not be a payment for the death of criminals. In the game The Amazing Spider Man 2, you can download the torrent from our website, together with Peter Parker you have to spread your web over the skyscrapers of New York in order to catch the mysterious villain and stop these brutal murders, which just makes you feel cold blood.


The Amazing Spider Man 2 game is a continuation, or rather, a complement to the recently appeared movie about the new adventures of one of the world’s most famous superhero in a red-blue mask known as Spider-Man. The developers decided to make a number of changes to the game, primarily related to the graphic component, as well as animation and acrobatics of the character. Now, as you progress through the game, you will be able to pump over the skills of your character, improving old and discovering new ones, which will allow you to perform new, even more dizzying stunts.
But do not forget that your main goal in the game is to protect ordinary New Yorkers from all sorts of dangers. While you are fulfilling your mission, they will thank you and extol to heaven, but if you ignore some serious situation several times, you will immediately become an enemy with a hero.

As for the plot, in the game The Amazing Spider Man 2, which you just need to download from our site, you will have to investigate the death of your own uncle. And in this difficult matter, Craven will help you, as well as some other famous heroes from the Marvel universe.


Compared to the previous part, the game has a number of changes and improvements that stand out from the game. First of all, this is a completely new character leveling system, thanks to which Spider-Man gets new abilities and capabilities over time. The combat system has also been improved – the choice of attacks has become much larger. The character’s animation has undergone major changes – it moves more naturally, and Spider-Man’s movements using the web are now much smoother than they were before.

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