The Admin


System requirements The Admin:

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: intel G640 / AMD A6-6400
Hard Drive: 2 GB
Video card: NVidia Geforce GT530 / AMD HD 5570 | DirectX: 11


The Admin

We present you the new game The Admin. A small abandoned planet … what could be so interesting and important on it to send all new squads of fighters there? The earth is full of rumors, so it happened in this case. The government of the galaxy learns about the planet on which the abandoned scientific center is located, in which important secrets are actually hidden.

More about the game

In the distant future, there are rumors of a mysterious cyborg working in an abandoned hidden facility. Research on a planet far from the center of human civilizations. Its mysterious origins have attracted the governments of the star system. To investigate the truth of this cyborg called administrator and return the object with all its research. But little is known to governments because we humans are not the only creatures interested in this mysterious cyborg. Play as an Admin, a cyborg using a pistol and a sword to protect the object of research from people who are trying to get it back and from other creatures trying to destroy it.


The Admin is a third person action adventure game where you play as a cyborg called the Admin. Since the only thing left in the facility, he must keep the facility running and protect it from anything that threatens its mission. You will have 2 weapons, a pistol and a sword, and some skills that can be used against the enemy. As your journey continues, these weapons and skills can be improved and developed to help you defeat stronger enemies.

Features of the game:

– The protection of the scientific center is made up of a single cyborg, which is given to the player to control.
– In the role of this cyborg, the user will have to protect important data (for whom it is not clear) from encroachments on them by the government and other alien representatives.
– The action in which you are invited to take part is dynamic, the view will be from a third person, in the role of the Admin, armed with a machine gun and a sword (a rather unusual set, by the way), you need to protect the base.

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