The Addams Family Mansion Mayhem


System requirements The Addams Family Mansion Mayhem:

Operating system: Windows 8/10
Processor: AMD Phenom ™ II X6 1035T Processor 2.6GHz
Video card: GeForce GTX 460
Free space: 2.8 GB

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The Addams Family Mansion Mayhem

The Addams Family Mansion Mayhem is an exciting adventure about the crazy Addams family, which embarks on an exciting new journey.

Welcome to a ridiculous and dangerous world!

The main events unfold in an incredible world, the famous cartoon “The Addams Family”. In this episode, the family will find themselves in a portal where they will collect coins, shoot enemies and balance on bombs. To help the main characters: Pugsley, Gomez Wednesday and Morticia, save their mansion, we advise you to download game The torrent for free on our website.

Surprises are everywhere!

The mansion in which the characters live is fraught with fear and horror, and you have to reveal all the mysteries that are stored in it, and also, escape from unpredictable dangers. To explore the castle, players will have to use the skills of each hero, solve various puzzles and search for lost relics. We invite you to play this fun and at the same time eerie adventure in 3D.


The mansion is full of eerie fears, but can you uncover its secrets causing your hair and save it from an unexpected threat? Use the abilities of each iconic character to explore the house, solve puzzles, and find lost relics. Play competitive mini-games in which you will bump and jump over each other to win. Family games night is about to be terrifyingly exciting!

Main features of the game

The ability to play mini-games.
The presence of a cooperative mode, in which each hero is endowed with unique skills.
Explore the mansion with 4 participants, split screen, or alone.

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