Terminal Hacker Into the Deep


System requirements Terminal Hacker Into the Deep

OS: 7, 8, 10
Disk space: 3 GB


Terminal Hacker Into the Deep

Terminal Hacker – Into the Deep invites you to plunge into the cyberpunk setting. The near and gloomy future is in the yard. Virtual reality has reached unprecedented heights. People were so tired of the melancholy and suffering of everyday life that they started to flee there. Technology has only increased tensions in society. We play as Dan McPenright, who lost his sister Merle. She suddenly disappeared without warning. The hero found out about other similar cases, saw a pattern in this and began an investigation.

More about the game

Ahead of him awaits the disclosure of a conspiracy affecting the real and computer worlds. Both are allowed to travel. Terminal Hacker – Into the Deep is a first-person adventure game. Here you need to communicate with live NPCs and digital ghosts, hack terminals, solve puzzles. The main character uses his mind and hacking skills to achieve his goals. He explores streets, offices and the network itself.

Features of the game

You need to read a lot of text in the project. In addition to dialogues (there is voice acting), there is a voiceover narrator. He voices the motivation of the protagonist and explains how he is feeling at the moment. Also, this character shares information about locations. In search of a relative, Dan will follow the girl’s trail, visit her favorite places. The game has all the shortcomings that many early access releases suffer. There are enough bugs and typos here, and the story itself is not over.

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