System requirements Teratopia:

OS: Windows 7/10
Processor: i3-6100 3.7 GHz
Video card: GTX 660 Ti 2GB or similar
Disk space: 3 GB


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The earth was attacked by dangerous creatures who began to wreak havoc. Not all monsters liked this, many of whom decided to side with humanity and destroy unwanted visitors. True, the enemies turned out to be much more than everyone expected, so it is necessary to actively use any available opportunities in order to achieve a favorable result. In the game Teratopia you have to help monsters to complete various tasks and try to make sure that they survive and can succeed in any way. Yes, it will be extremely difficult to do this, but it is quite possible, so you just have to hit the road and enjoy every available moment of the game.

More about the game

The main advantage of the adventure is that you will now be able to enjoy every moment of the adventure. Arcade confrontation with monsters will become the basis for new discoveries and other opportunities. You just need to study the monsters, which will be available three pieces. By the way. Each of them will have an individual set of skills and capabilities that will allow them to achieve a good result. Please note that each monster has a strictly individual approach to solving certain problems. And in order to understand this issue in more detail, it will be enough just to download Teratopia via torrent on a PC for free.

Chaos of colors and fun

Despite the seriousness of the situation, you will get the most out of the game. The fact is that thanks to this orientation, it will be possible to simply enjoy the beautiful environment with bright colors. There will be many special effects, you will be pleased with the surroundings and the very fight against monsters. Do not worry, the share of humor will be extremely large, so a good mood is guaranteed. The main thing is to save everyone and try to do it beautifully. All you have to do is download the Teratopia torrent on your PC and you can start acting. Who would have thought that monsters would stand up to protect humanity. In principle, this is not the first time, so hope is not lost.

Game features

Three unique monsters will be available to choose from, each of which will delight you with its own unique set of qualities.
Bright design and an abundance of special effects, what could be better than this.
Dangerous monsters will attack in droves, so do not forget to study your surroundings in order to make the right decisions in a timely manner.
Fight, smash, and don’t forget to joke during your adventure.

On this page you can download the game via torrent Teratopia free on a PC.



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