Tenderfoot Tactics

System requirements Tenderfoot Tactics:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 2.5 GHz
Grafik: Dedicated GPU with SM4 +
Disk space: 1 GB


Tenderfoot Tactics

It’s time to go back to the exciting adventure Tenderfoot Tactics, which will test your readiness to control a whole squad of heroes. Initially, it may seem to you that this type of adventure no longer attracts, but you should not waste time and start enjoying every available moment of the game. Do you think that all this will not please you? You should not rush to your conclusions and just try to achieve success, which will most likely become the basis for your actions. The history of the game will tell about the times when people had already stopped believing in something unusual and magical, but then darkness came, which forced the faith to awaken and become the basis for the revival of many heroes.

More about the game

An interesting feature of this role-playing adventure will be not only the ability to control an entire squad of heroes, but also tactically influence the entire playing field. The fact is that thanks to such opportunities, you will have a chance to think through all your actions and even change conditions. First of all, this is due to the ability to use the elements that will change the environment, give an advantage or cause big problems. You just have to use your opportunities correctly and try to achieve success in any way. We suggest not to waste your time and start acting, and for this you just need to download Tenderfoot Tactics via torrent on your PC for free.

Spacious adventure

Another interesting feature of the game will be the ability to travel across a huge world to enjoy a beautiful game. Although the graphics of the games will cause some questions, in any case you will get a chance to prove yourself and go to conquer a variety of spaces that hide a variety of secrets. No need to worry, the game is aimed exclusively at people who love leisurely exploration of the world, so we are confident that you will achieve a good result and will be able to exorcise the evil that has come into this world. You just need to download the Tenderfoot Tactics torrent on your PC to discover the most different and interesting options for a pleasant pastime.


We invite you to enjoy every minute of your adventure, because thanks to this space you can enjoy your adventure. Tactics and role-playing adventures always interact well with each other, so you just have to use all your capabilities correctly and try to achieve success that will not keep you waiting long.

Game features

A large and spacious world that will allow you to explore every corner.
Tactics are important, so you will need to collect your thoughts and try to achieve a favorable result.
An unusual system of changing the surrounding world using the elements.

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