Taz Wanted

System requirements Taz Wanted:

Windows OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Pentium III
RAM: 64 Mb
Video Card: 3D
Hard disk space: 850 MB


Taz Wanted

The main character of a three-dimensional adventure action movie called Taz Wanted, which we offer on our website for free via torrent download, is a cute and at first glance Tasmanian devil named Taz. All his time, he and his beloved lived in his native Tasmania, until, on the orders of the brutal poacher Unmanaged Sam, they were seized and decided to send to the zoo.

More about the game

One day, the life of Taz and his female changes when Sam’s people catch them and put them in a zoo, in a real cage. Taz soon learns that very soon many of his friends will suffer the same fate – since there are a lot of rare species of animals in Tasmania, Sam decides to turn the whole island into one huge zoo and put everyone in cages to show for money. You can download the game Taz Wanted from our website absolutely free.

Game features

Taz could not endure such a flagrant violation of his freedom, and therefore when he got angry, all of Sam’s assistants fully knew why he was called the Tasmanian devil. In a fit of rage, Taz manages to break down the bars of his cage and escape to freedom, but the fact is that his lover remained in captivity. But Taz does not know exactly where they are holding her, so he decides to go in search of her. At the same time, Sam, angry with the escape of Taz, announces a high reward for his head and his henchmen paste posters across the island with the inscription “Wanted criminal Taz”, but this is unlikely to stop our brave hero.

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