Tasty Blue

System requirements Tasty Blue

Operating System: Windows Xp, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.4 GHz
RAM: 512MB
Video Card: DirectX 7.0
Hard Drive Memory: 100 MB


Tasty Blue

The Tasty Blue game is a great arcade project in which you will control a fish. According to the physiology of fish, you will spend all the time in motion, so you constantly need food and eat everything that is smaller than your hero. Over time, your pet becomes more and more, until it decides that it is crowded in the aquarium and does not decide to escape into the city sewer. The conditions there are of course more severe than in the aquarium, but there is much more food and freedom. And from here your pet lies the path to the open ocean – can you overcome all the obstacles and get there?

More about the game

Tasty Blue is a pretty funny game, executed in bright colors with a simple gameplay. The main thing here is courage and reaction. You must act quickly so as not to get into the stomach of your opponent. The whole point is that you will conquer the open spaces, each time more and more increasing in size. The more you eat, the more mass you will have. You will become a small fish that will constantly hunt for everything that is smaller than it in size, thereby becoming more and more. As you grow up, you will have access to new types of fish that you can enjoy. But do not forget about the main thing: the ocean is fraught with fish, which are much larger than you and want to quickly get married with you. Hide and run away from the insidious villains. You will find yourself in a variety of adventures and rather difficult situations, from which you need to find a way out very quickly.

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