System requirements TASOMACHI

OS: Windows7 / 8/10 64bit
CPU: 3.4GHz
Video Card: GeForce GTX970
Disk Space: 3 GB




When traveling, you always get a huge charge of positive impressions, so you should not scatter opportunities and already now begin to actively visit the most amazing and entertaining game worlds. This time you had the opportunity to go on an exciting adventure TASOMACHI, in which you have to play for a little girl. She decided to conquer this fantasy world.

More about the game

The TASOMACHI storyline tells us that she gets on a plane and accidentally gets into a mysterious city in the East, where there are no inhabitants at all, but is full of secrets and mysteries. Therefore, you have to thoroughly brainwash to unravel them all and find out the history of this mysterious city. We are full of confidence in your abilities, so we have no doubt that you will get the desired result and will enjoy every moment of the gameplay.

Thirst for research

Speaking about the features of the presented game project, it should be noted that this adventure will constantly give you the motivation to take advantage of various opportunities and explore almost all corners of the city. In appearance, it does not seem big, but you will have enough opportunities to demonstrate your abilities and realize your potential. Try to do everything to achieve a positive result. If you are interested in the presented project, then we advise you to visit our game resource. There you can download the TASOMACHI torrent for free and go to meet adventures and secrets.

Mysterious city

As already mentioned above, the city is full of different secrets and mysteries, you will actively use them for your further advancement in the game. For those who are already ready to start performing such tasks, we suggest downloading the TASOMACHI torrent from the link in the description. You need to collect all the necessary information and try to achieve a positive result, which will definitely be an interesting discovery for you. You need to remember everything new that you discover in this game, because in the future these findings will help you solve some problems.

Such an entertaining and original adventure will be a wonderful leisure activity. You only need to understand in detail the gameplay and do everything to win the game. Do not worry, you can cope with all the difficulties on the game path and become a winner in this project.

Game features

Oriental elements in the gameplay;
the lovely protagonist;
original puzzles;
new discoveries;
big city to explore.

On this page you can download the game TASOMACHI torrent free on PC.



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