TANTO Life of Ronin


System requirements TANTO Life of Ronin

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Quad Core CPU
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or similar. 3 Gb VRAM.
Disk space: 2 GB

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TANTO Life of Ronin

This is an unusual adventure that offers to immerse yourself in the era of the samurai. You have to take on the role of Ronin, who must return the former glory and fame with new deeds. He will have to actively travel around this world, try to help people and fight dangerous enemies. Adventures will take place in an isometric format, so you will get the most out of the game and you can just enjoy every minute of your time. And first you will need to download the TANTO Life of Ronin torrent on your PC and then you can go on an amazing adventure.

Themed Adventure

The main advantage of your new journey will be the theme of adventure itself. Almost every corner of this world will be saturated with the theme of Japan and mythology. You will freely move around the game world, communicate with residents and fight other samurai in real time. There will be no need to rush too much, since the main property of any samurai is composure and the ability to distribute their energy flows. Despite the isometry, the fights with the samurai will be dynamic and detailed, which will certainly not disappoint you.


As a Ronin, it is difficult to hold the bar of confidence and respect, because they are essentially outcasts. Whether the protagonist will be able to restore his former greatness or whether he will forever leave the border of his native land, you will find out about this only after you start the adventure. And for the first steps, you just need to download TANTO Life of Ronin via torrent for free. We wish you good luck and excellent mood!

Game features

The ability to play as a real samurai.
Thematic surroundings and abundance of nature.
Dynamic battles and duels.
The ability to improve the skills of the samurai.

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