Tanki X

System requirements Tanki X:

Operating System: Windows XP (with Service Pack 3) / Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 3225, i3 3245
Memory: 4 Gb
Video Card: Intel HD graphics 4000
Hard Drive: 2 GB


Tanki X

Tank themes do not lose their popularity. Despite the fact that the Belarusian project WoT is the undisputed leader in this genre, other developers create their own projects, but trying to take into account the flaws and mistakes of their competitors to make their product interesting for the player. One of these new projects is the multiplayer game Tanki X, the torrent of which can be downloaded on our website.

More about the game

Unlike other similar games, where the emphasis is on realism and historicity, Tanki X offers fantastic combat vehicles that combine incredible firepower, high protection, excellent speed and maneuverability, and much more. Who said that a heavy tank should be slow, and a light one should have weak weapons? Tanki X doesn’t have this – each one is powerful and fast in its own way, and the presence of a wide range of various additional modules allows you to upgrade it at your own discretion.

Game features

– More than ten types of various weapons;
– Several interesting battle modes with the ability to respawn at a location;
– Forget about a dull sitting in the bushes in anticipation of a gaping opponent – only dynamics, only action, no boredom.
– A wide selection of modules makes it possible to pump your equipment to the maximum;
– Strengthen your tank with the help of numerous abilities.
– Choose the game mode that you prefer.


We suggest you download Tanki X via torrent for free and you will find out that battles are won not on the battlefield, but in a tank hangar. Yes, yes, the probability of victory depends on how correctly you prepared your armored car for battle. So get ready for the fact that you will have to combine, upgrade and upgrade your equipment a lot, choose the optimal combination of various amplifiers and abilities, and so on. A properly tuned tank is a 90% guarantee that you will win the battle and get a well-deserved reward.

Main characteristics

– Each tank has its own characteristics. There are only two main characteristics:
– Power. This indicator characterizes how powerful your tank is and what reserve it has for modernization. Since this indicator is not dimensionless, think carefully about what exactly you want to improve and which modules to install;
– Mastery. At the end of each battle you will receive certain points. They can be spent on improving your tank and its parameters.

Combat system

On the battlefield, you can use not only the standard weapons of your tank, but also various temporary amplifiers. They will appear on the map in a random way, so as soon as you see such an amplifier, try to pick it up before one of your opponents does it.
There is no identical weapon – each gun has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. For example, powerful and long-range guns recharge for a long time, and quick-firing guns do not do much damage and they have a smaller affected area.

Game modes Tanki X

– To date, Tanki X has three main game modes:
– Capture the Flag. One of the most popular command modes. You will play in one of the teams, and the team’s task is to capture the enemy flag and bring it to their base. At the same time, you must not forget that the enemy will try to do the same with your base, so you must not let him get such a trophy.
– Deathmatch. A global cut in style is every man for himself. There will be only one winner, so shoot anyone who gets in your way.
– Team Deathmatch. A mode similar to the previous one, but with the only difference – here the players are divided into teams and the team that shoots the most opponents will win.

We recommend trying Tanki X to all fans of tank battles, as well as just high-quality dynamic battles that are tired of sitting in the bushes in other similar projects. Tanki X will allow you to simply enjoy the gameplay without any troubles and tediousness.

On this page you can download the game Tanki X torrent free on PC.



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