System requirements Tacoma:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 – only for 64 bits!
Processor: 1.9ghz Intel i5
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video Card: 1GB + of video RAM (DirectX: Version 11)
Disk space: 11 GB


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Independent game developer Fullbright at the ceremony The Game Awards announced that soon they plan to release their new game called Tacoma, download from a torrent that only PC owners can. The game will not be ported to the console, but according to the developers, they intend to release Tacoma right under the three main operating systems: Windows, Linux and MacOS.

As for the plot of the game, it unfolds in the distant future, in deep space, in 2088. Humanity sends expeditions to all sides of the cosmos in order to discover new and habitable planets on which it will be possible to create colonies. One of such large expeditions literally a few days after departure, disappears from the air and does not respond to any signals. The reason for concern is that the expedition is still missing in the habitable sector, so a rescue team will be sent to search for it, which you will have to lead. Your task is to find traces of the missing expedition and restore the chronology of events as detailed as possible.

According to the gameplay, Tacoma is a pure adventure, but with a first-person view. The developers have tried to pay as much attention as possible not only to the plot component, but also to the relationship between the characters, the human side and the like. Why is that? Because you have to stay with your team members in a tight and confined space for quite a long time, and a healthy psychological atmosphere in such cases is one of the main aspects of successful survival.


– The storyline in the game Tacoma, which can be downloaded from the torrent on our website, is at the forefront, so be careful in everything, in particular the dialogues and the like.
– Another important point is the relationship between team members. To successfully accomplish your mission, you will have to pay close attention not only to the problem of the disappearance of the spacecraft, but also to each member of your team – this will help in your investigation.
– All the history of the investigation is stored in the form of a hologram, so at any time you can call the part of interest to you and get acquainted with it again. This is very useful – in the course of the investigation you will have to come back to the already known facts and rethink them again and again.
– In the game, the environment completely interacts with the player. This means that you can literally open any drawer or cabinet on your ship, familiarize yourself with its contents and even use them if necessary. This will be very useful, as in the course of the investigation you will have to use a variety of items.
– The graphic component of the game Tacoma is made very high quality – you can enjoy beautiful views of the cosmos and dive headlong into this interesting and exciting atmosphere of adventure.

On this page you can download the game Tacoma torrent for free on PC.



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