System Shock

System requirements System Shock:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core i7 3770k
RAM: 6 GB of RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GTX
Disk space: 4 GB


System Shock

System Shock 2020 is a real masterpiece that every veteran who loves good gaming projects knows about. This is the best ever version of the original game, and comes packed with numerous improvements, updated graphics and more. The events of the game unfold in an alternative future, in which humanity has long been betting on artificial intelligence. Well, you have to go to the Citadel, to a certain station, which is controlled by artificial intelligence. There was a failure, after which he simply destroyed most of the staff. What happened and what led to this is unknown, but now you will need to find out by all means. In general, an adventure awaits you, from which you will definitely be delighted.

More about the game

As for the gameplay of System Shock 2020, it is standard here, as for a first-person shooter. You will have to fight various creatures, you will have to look for clues and think about how to defeat the enemy, you will have to survive, pump and develop, and more. In other words, entertaining, but traditional for the genre, gameplay awaits you. Separately, it would be worth mentioning the assortment of weapons, types of enemies and locations, and everything else. The developers have done just a tremendous job and created a game with an unprecedented variety of everything there is. As the game progresses, you will acquire new weapons, fight new opponents, and more.

Game features

Well, the most interesting and at the same time the main advantage of this game is amazingly beautiful graphics, realistic highly detailed textures, and the environment that seems real, and realistic physics. This time, you will experience a sensation that you have not experienced before playing the original game. Travel to the Citadel, find out why SHODAN destroyed the station staff and got out of control, and most importantly, try to survive.

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