Swordbreaker Origins

System requirements Swordbreaker Origins

OS: Win 7 64bit
Processor: Core i3
Video Card: Any videocards


Swordbreaker Origins

The game Swordbreaker Origins, which can be downloaded via torrent on our website, has a very beautiful plot. The main character is dressed in sparkling armor named Mechel. He simply must defeat the enemy in any way possible for him. After all, the Mingals came close to the threshold of Dorgan. And the royal army is on the other side of the bridge. And if the knight cannot win, then the whole kingdom will die. Get ready for an exciting walkthrough.

More about the game

In the city of the protagonist Swordbreaker Origins, strange events take place. Mechel, although an adventurer in his heart, lives the ordinary life of a simple citizen, in his native city of Dorgan. From the words of those who saw the incomprehensible, we can conclude that unknown creatures live in the northern swamps. And others say that a UFO is falling from the sky. And to the third it seems that they hear an unknown, powerful sound that comes from the womb of the planet. So the protagonist will have to solve the mystery of who lives in these places.

For protagonists, the Swordbreaker Origins project was proposed, download from the torrent that we have on the site. This prequel tells of events that are preceded by the start of the main action in the game. The fate of the character will depend on your actions. Will he become a hero or will remain a dreamer-adventurer. Rather, start the gameplay and change the fate of the whole kingdom.

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