Sushi Slammers

System requirements Sushi Slammers

OS: Windows 7 | XP | Vista | 64 Bit Only
Processor: 2.5 Ghz
Graphics Card: Integrated
Disk space: 1 GB
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible



Sushi Slammers

Perhaps everyone wants calm and regularity from this life, however, as soon as we get all this, then the rest begin to envy. There is no way they can leave you alone and allow you to enjoy such a long-awaited solitude. We will tell you the story of Sushi Slammers about one red octopus who has had a dream for a long time – this is a small private pool. In this way he wants to achieve peace. However, as soon as his dream became a reality, then most of the octopuses began to constantly swim to him and behave completely in a businesslike manner. This behavior was the reason for the nerves and frustration of our hero. In order not to prolong the current situation, our octopus decided to resist all uninvited guests, to clear its pool of unwanted visitors.

More about the game

Do not think that our hero does not have enough resources in order to get rid of these annoying and arrogant visitors. You will have at your disposal a wide range of different and entertaining possibilities. For example, you can use various bombs or set up clever traps. You must do this as competently and tactically as possible, because you will have a limited number of chances to use weapons. But there are just enough opponents. You must take into account the various possibilities, apply them optimally in practice, use the functionality and achieve victory with all your might. In a word, it’s easier for you to go to our website and download the Sushi Slammers torrent there for free.

Impudent enemies

Do not underestimate your opponents, even if there are not so many of them, however, they do not take the audacity. They constantly do dirty things, give orders and behave completely rude. So that. You shouldn’t waste time talking, but rather start actively smoking unwanted guests. It is necessary to develop a plan, prepare everything correctly, that the implementation has taken place. We do not even doubt that you will be able to thoroughly explore the locations and achieve the desired result. The main thing now is to go to our game portal and download the torrent Sushi Slammers.

Game features

It’s time to work hard to drive out these nasty octopuses, who have completely lost their sense of proportion and dared to encroach on what is most dear to you. Do not spare them, take advantage of all the opportunities provided to eliminate opponents and enjoy the gameplay. We can only wish you a great time and achieve maximum results. Then you can become a master on your territory, achieve the desired result and create original and exciting stories during the game. Good luck!

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