Survivalist Invisible Strain

System requirements Survivalist Invisible Strain:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.0 GHz quad-core
Video card: GTX 660m
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 2 GB


Survivalist Invisible Strain

The open game Survivalist Invisible Strain demonstrates a mixture of several genres at once: action, sandbox, RPG and survival from the Bob studio especially for the computer. The environment is formed according to the type of “post-apocalypse” – you have to lead a colony of survivors after the collapse of civilization, and make them take you for the leader, obey and follow.

More about the game

The adventure simulator invites players to build bases, explore open areas in a sandbox, exercise stealth and hunting skills, customize characters and of course make decisions with future consequences. Download Survivalist: Invisible Strain torrent for free and open 3 game modes: multiplayer, single and co-op. So far, the game is a random generation of the world, however. So, you have to build a settlement for the survivors, shelter them, warm them up, feed them, and also protect them from the invasion of the undead and marauders. Use your stealth skills, a huge arsenal of weapons, and the power of words to achieve your goals.

Chat with whoever you want

Living characters in the world around them have names, character traits, and their own interaction skills. They remember your words and deeds, depending on what the attitude towards you is formed. Also, residents have their own needs: to communicate, sleep, eat, fight, work, etc. Interact effectively, take additional quests to gain experience points, recruit the most respectful in your defensive squad.

Attack with bow and arrow, wield melee weapons

In your arsenal in the game Survivalist Invisible Strain there is the possibility of active interaction with enemies: an attempt to slow them down, hit them on the head for maximum damage, dodge a rapid attack, set a melee block, etc. Also, the characters have various talents and skills that increase by as you take a new level.

Use stealth to hunt animals, humans or non-humans

Sneak closer to enemies to launch a surprise attack and then steal their resources. Throw bottles or pieces of meat to distract zombies. Disguise yourself in special clothing to improve your stealth skill.

Build Fortifications, Plant Seeds, Set Traps

All survivors need somewhere to stay to rest, eat and keep warm. Get all the necessary resources in abandoned locations that you will discover on the map as you progress through the game. Build special pit traps to catch bloodthirsty zombies or snickering marauders there. Potential food, such as a rabbit, can also get there. Download Survivalist: Invisible Strain torrent on PC and assign community members to different roles such as blacksmith, cook, agronomist, etc.

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