Survival Journals

System requirements Survival Journals

OS: Windows 7/8/10.
Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 Mhz.
Disk space: 250 MB.


Survival Journals

It’s time to return to the environment of classic adventures, which are in the format of a text adventure. For this, it is enough Survival Journals torrent download and you can safely explore completely new directions that will test your willingness to make the right decisions and survive in conditions of total despair. You shouldn’t expect big, as the gameplay is built solely on making important decisions, the result of which you will see in graphical format.

More about the game

If you love classic strategy games, then this game is for you! It is designed in a retro style and offers many options for users. You will have to prepare for a zombie invasion, so pay special attention to strengthening your shelter. Try to make the right decisions, because your life will depend on it. Use all available opportunities, complete tasks, carefully considering all your decisions in order to reach the final.

Game features

the ability to download Survival Journals via torrent for free;
an unusual decision-making system on which a full-fledged result depends;
conditions, maps and events, everything will be generated completely randomly;
watch your behavior, as this will also affect subsequent events;
develop your character so that he has no weaknesses, can stand up for himself and survive in a dangerous world;
carefully study the professions, the result of which will be processed material or finished items for later use;
improve your home and create defense facilities;
do not forget about the fortifications that can save your life more than once.

On this page you can download the game Survival Journals torrent free on a PC.



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