System requirements Survarium:

Operating system: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 (does not work on XP!)
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Dual Core
Video card: nVidiaGeForce 8800 GT
Free space: 8 GB



Fans of massive multiplayer shooters can enjoy the game Survarium. It contains an element of the survival genre – horror. The development of this project for a long time involved igrodely representing the studio Vostok Games. Previously, they were employees of GSC Game World, and created a sequel to the Stalker game. Pursuing the invention of a new gaming product, developers started everything from scratch, taking nothing from previous works. Those who want to spend time with the computer “survival game”, which belongs to a new level, can download the game Survarium via torrent. To do this, take advantage of the capabilities of our game resource.

More about the game

Next, we discuss some features of this computer game. Attracting attention is the picture, which was created by using a powerful game engine with excellent masterpiece physics, which you can notice from the first minute of the game. There is no open game world because the game consists of short session games. Also, the game is characterized by high-quality gameplay, rich weapons, a good pumping system. In addition to the above, the characters are divided into classes that you choose for yourself. Which side to play on is also your decision. You can become one of the Survivors, or go to the side of the mutants – Forests. Storyline stands out clearly.


The plot concept is built on an environmental disaster that has grown into an apocalypse on Earth. All players have one goal – to survive. Opponents will be various monsters, anomalies and “Forest”, as well as other gamers in the PVP battle mode. The developers focused on the session game, without a large open world, but with the ability to select a specific territory within the session.

On this page you can download the game Survarium torrent free on PC.



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