Supermarket Shriek

System requirements Supermarket Shriek:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core i5-2500K / FX-8150 or better
Video card: GTX 550 Ti / Radeon HD 6790 2GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 3 GB


Supermarket Shriek

If you have long had a desire to spend your free time for an original and interesting adventure, then we suggest paying attention to our new Supermarket Shriek offer, which will delight you with special details. The story of this adventure is connected with a shopping trip, though far from so common. After all, you can use a cart not only to transport products, but also to ride on it. And if thoughts about pokatushki can please, then the very fulfillment of desire can be dangerous and not so predictable. Therefore, this time you have to carefully study all the available opportunities in order to ride around the store and be able to survive.

More about the game

As you already understood, you have to go on an exciting adventure that will delight you with a variety of events. What is most interesting, in a TV set you have to ride not only alone, but also together with a real goat. Where he came from and why he keeps you company, all this is unknown, so we suggest that you simply follow all your goals and try to achieve a good result. And first, you just need to download Supermarket Shriek via torrent on your PC for free to start learning all the intricacies of the adventure and just try to ensure yourself a pleasant rest on your free evening.

Control system

Another feature of this adventure will be the cart control system. She, as before, will be able to control the arrows, but the speed will depend on the volume of your cry. Are you surprised? Not worth it, similar systems and entertainment have become popular lately. Therefore, it is worth preparing the microphone to start the grocery races. Fortunately, the cart is strong and can withstand a large amount of damage and collisions, otherwise it would fall apart in a few hits.


By the way, the volume of the shout will directly demonstrate the speed. If you shout loudly, then the cart will fly around the location at full speed. If it’s quiet, then it will start to slow down. All in all, you only need to download the Supermarket Shriek torrent on your PC to ensure you have a pleasant pastime. Supermarkets have become so huge that you can ride on trolleys on them, so do not miss this opportunity and go on an exciting adventure that will delight you with humor and an unusual combination of different details.

Game features

An unusual system for controlling the speed of the trolley using a shout and volume level.
Having a goat partner who is willing to support you and try to fill the adventure.
Small customization elements will give you a chance to customize the look of the cart and the main character.
A large number of challenges, bonuses and other pleasant moments that are ready to diversify your adventure.

On this page you can download the game Supermarket Shriek via torrent free on PC.



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