Supermarket Manager

System requirements Supermarket Manager

OS: Windows® 7/8/10
Processor: Core i3 3.1 GHz or AMD Phenom II X3 2.8 GHz


Supermarket Manager

Supermarket is the place that is the most visited and accessible for all local residents. What about personally arranging and organizing such a place? Yes, it will require a lot of effort and time. But you can certainly achieve a favorable result, because the control simulator is your favorite genre. In addition, in the game Supermarket Manager you have to show skill and try to achieve success. Using the available opportunities and the old abandoned supermarket, which was never able to please citizens, as the last manager simply could not cope with the tasks.

More about the game

So, now you just have to look around in an accessible building and take appropriate measures. It is necessary to carry out a full cleaning, repair the destroyed structures, get rid of garbage and try to put the room in order. All this has to be done manually, but it’s for the better, since you will get the opportunity to understand everything that’s happening, carefully study your new supermarket and begin to plan ahead for its further development. Are you ready for this activity? Then do not waste time and just download Supermarket Manager via torrent to PC for free.

Goal achievement

And so that we can consider you a full-fledged winner in this adventure, you have to carefully study everything and try to understand the whole essence of the adventure. To create a supermarket and organize the delivery of products, this is only half the battle, it will still be necessary to resolve issues with creditors, try to reach maximum profit, etc. All this requires experience, attentiveness and willingness to take risks. If this situation does not scare you, then we suggest you download the Supermarket Manager torrent to your PC and gradually begin to move towards your goal. Do not worry and rush, you will all have time, the main thing is to do everything right.

Game features

Now you can even manage the whole supermarket, which can be not only cleaned, but also decoratively decorated. All your activity will be evaluated, it will become the basis for attendance and shopping. Keep track of all store activities, make management adjustments, and become the best place to shop in the area. It remains to wish you good luck and excellent success, prove yourself as an ideal manager and fulfill all your goals.

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