Sunless Skies

System requirements Sunless Skies:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 GHz
Video Card: DirectX 9
Disk space: 4 GB



Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies is a steampunk-RPG sequel with a top view, where a gamer manages a steam-powered aircraft that resembles a locomotive but does not need rails. In the role of captain of the ship, he explores Fallen London and many other locations, learns about his past and improves his technique, tries to keep his mind to the crew and much more. The plot is interactive: the user can both help the queen in the expansion of dying stars, and join the resistance that oppressed citizens make up. When the captain dies, you can resurrect him or choose a successor to replace him, but the influence of the dead will be felt and the setting changed.

Not only the ships created by people soar in the sky: the terrible giants recreated from the works of Lovecraft and other writers strive to destroy the vessel and its crew. To repulse them, you need powerful armor and weapons that can be collected by completing tasks. A gloomy and frightening atmosphere with a lot of alternative plot turns and finals can drag on for tens of hours.


Sunless Skies is a computer game in the RPG genre, where you have to get into an unforgettable adventure, all of which will take place in the airspace. You will take up the management of a rather interesting-looking flying device that works with a pair. Take care of trade and supply, as well as try to improve your knowledge in the field of finance. The three of us have a huge world full of mysteries and useful items. Open all the secrets and find all the resources for the perfect passage to the end. Explore a huge quaint world, where you will meet a lot of different characters that somehow affect the course of action. Fighting will have quite a lot and often, so try as best you can to prepare for fabulous fights with crowds of rivals. The atmosphere in the game is amazing, where you can safely plunge for a few hours.


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