System requirements Summerford

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i3 or greater
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 980 or equivalent
Disk space: 1000 MB



The creators of this project received inspiration from such popular interactive projects as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark, which can be safely called the golden classics of survival games. Therefore, they created their project called Summerford. This is a game in the genre of adventure, in a third-person format, in which activities, learning and unleashing puzzles are evenly divided. In order to stay alive you will have to clearly plan your future actions.

There are also elements of horror, indie and role-playing, as well as RPGs. All this fit in one project, carefully designed by Noisy Valley Studios. The authors of the project want to make the project available for PC. Seeing the mixing of genres is already becoming interesting, and the storyline will plunge into the gameplay. The story begins in the small English town of Summerford. If you are already eager to play this project, then go to our online resource to download Summerford torrent there for free.

More about the game

It just so happened that it was this small town that was chosen for the construction of the first Royal NPP in history. But in 1986, the unexpected happened, because of which Summerford and its environs received a considerable share of radiation exposure. The reason was the failure of one of the station’s reactors, from which the release of radioactive elements into the medium occurred. It rained with radiation in the city itself and in the nearby villages. The authorities began to evacuate the entire population and subsequently formed the Exclusion Zone in the region of 10 km. But 37 years have passed since that accident.

And now you will play for a girl named Sam, who ventured to visit this zone. She leaves for a trip with friends, but it so happened that she was behind her group. And now a sea of ​​horror awaits her. Indeed, terrible mutants and victims of radiation exposure are hiding in abandoned settlements. From every rustle here, the heart stops and begins to beat faster. Summerford’s gameplay is so realistic that it allows you to feel the atmosphere of the game completely. There will also be various puzzles and ingenious quests that will make your brain work actively. Carefully think through your actions that do not fall into the trap.

Game features

In the presented project, an amazing atmosphere reigns, which very clearly conveys everything that our characters feel, as well as the whole gloom of this location. For fans of the horror genre there will be plenty of discoveries, scenes of cruelty, and even different finals that depend only on your actions. You can download the Summerford torrent on our website.

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