Subliminal Realms 2 Call of Atis CE

System requirements Subliminal Realms 2 Call of Atis CE:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (compatibility with XP and Vista has not been tested)
CPU: 2.0 GHz
RAM: 2048 MB
HDD: 626 MB



Subliminal Realms 2 Call of Atis CE

The game studio Boolat Games enriches the Collection of Item Search, and offers its fans a new project called Subliminal Realms 2 Call of Atis CE. Players will find a fascinating, exciting, but tragic story, and its outcome and outcome will depend on them. The husband of the heroine is experiencing unpleasant moments in life. Attacks by enemies damaged his dive boat, and this leads to the hospitalization of a man. He ends up in a hospital bed. It can be considered successful in this situation that his future wife, the main character, is an employee of this medical institution.

More about the game

A man cannot fully explain what happened. He is tormented by doubts about certain facts, the reliability of which can only be guessed at. In his hands is a time capsule, inside of which is a strange artifact. It was found at the bottom of the lake. Thanks to the artifact, the player along with the character can be transported to another world, to another reality, which borders on madness and has no logical explanation. Once in a different world, it is important to remember safety, because the dark forces do not sleep, and are ready to penetrate the soul of anyone who loses vigilance for even a moment. The heroine’s task is to find a husband and save the world. Players will be able to enjoy mini-games and collecting items, receive rewards, use the bonus gameplay.

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