System requirements Subdivided

Operating System: Win 7/8/10 x64
Processor: Intel Core i5-750S 2.4GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 965
Video card: AMD Radeon R7 360X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti




Here is a game project called Subdivided, which is a survival game with amazing graphic design and original features. The quality of the game, this project is not inferior to the best games, but it is not like the others, because you will play not for a person, but for a coyote.

More about the game

Well, along the way, the creators of the game decided that it is very commonplace to try on a human face in the game world. And this brings a certain peculiarity and novelty, because you can’t build a house for yourself or make a fire to keep warm. But then you can easily find a haven for people or drive them away from a already built bonfire. You have to learn how to survive in the guise of a wild beast if you want to download the Subdivided torrent on our games portal.


The storyline is pretty simple and straightforward. Your character is a coyote happy and happy with his life, he had his own family and a cozy lair. However, people came with weapons and began to constantly hunt you and your relatives, and then captured your territories, built their own houses. Further more – they burned, cut down forests, pushing you further and further. And now those who are still alive need to take care not only of food, but also of survival in general.


Speaking about such an element as stealth, the Subdivided project has a lot of it. Based on the fact that the number of people significantly exceeds your flock, in addition, they have weapons, then attacking them directly does not make sense. But sometimes such situations will occur when a direct attack will be the best solution. You will have to find secret paths or make them yourself, try to bypass settlements of people and generally avoid meeting with them.

After all, they barely see you, they will immediately raise an alarm. Do everything possible for the survival of coyotes, but first you need to download the Subdivided torrent on our online resource. You can also hide in the bushes or among the trees, because your color will help merge with the terrain. Also remember that any noise from frightened birds or small animals can attract unnecessary attention to you.

Game Features:

the opportunity to play not for a man, but for a wild animal;
the presence of stealth mode, as the main one;
you cannot build a shelter for yourself, so you have to find a ready-made one;
you can kill a man, but others will come to take revenge;
realistic graphic design;
many opportunities for disguise and surveillance;
you need to constantly move on, because people are advancing.

On this page you can download the game Subdivided torrent free on PC.



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