Stronghold 3

System requirements Stronghold 3

OS: Windows XP.
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.0 Ghz) / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+
Memory: 2 Gb.
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 / AMD Radeon HD 2600 Pro / 256 Mb / DirectX 9.
Disk space: 5 Gb.


Stronghold 3

Stronghold 3 download torrent is all that you need to take part in an exciting computer game, which is made in the genre of real-time strategy. The creators of the game are talented developers from the game studio Firefly Studios, who managed to create the most beautiful game without forgetting about the high-quality gameplay and tactical processes that clearly distinguish the creation of Firefly Studios from the majority. Therefore, we do not recommend missing this game without attention, especially if you like real-time strategies. And now about the advantages and disadvantages.

More about the game

It is worth saying that in comparison with the previous games in the series, this game has much better graphics! The developers have completely reworked the graphic part, drawn all the little things and textures, therefore, in this regard, it is difficult to find fault even with the famous critics of the gaming industry. If you think that this game is a logical continuation of the second part, then you are partially mistaken, because the developers mostly used developments from the first part of this exciting series of games, and we are sure that over time, the Stronghold series of games will only increase. as evidenced by the unprecedented demand for it among gamers.


In Stronghold 3, you have to join forces with your allies, because the Wolf familiar from previous versions of the games is trying to wreak havoc and panic on your lands. Now you will rebuild even more castles and fortifications to protect yourself from enemy raids. The whole plot is built mainly on the construction of castles, but the military background in the game is also visible. You can build an entire kingdom in the game, according to your tactics and plan. But it must be built up with as many protective buildings as possible. You must build up your sector with new buildings in order to maximally protect your sector from enemy raids.


Basically, most of the game time you will devote to the construction of buildings and castles. But here’s how to learn how to build correctly, a map will help you, on which potential sites for the construction of various buildings are indicated. Having chosen the type of building for yourself, with the help of a slight movement of the mouse, you can easily place your fortress or castle on an empty sector. You can expand your playing domain if you can score a lot of points in the game.

The game is long, so at any time you can take a break to build up your gaming sector again later. The game Stronghold 3, which you can download torrent from our site, provides for the siege of enemy sectors even at night. But for this you need to make your own plan and define tactics. At night, you can take more resources from the enemy. Therefore, pay attention to this fact.

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