Street Legal Racing Redline

System requirements Street Legal Racing Redline

Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Video Card: 512 Mb
Disk space: 500 Mb


Street Legal Racing Redline

Fans of racing are given the opportunity to participate in a new game, which has already managed to win the hearts of the first fans. Let’s look at what Street Legal Racing Redline actually attracts, which you can already download torrent from our portal. In this project, you have the opportunity not only to become a racer and achieve excellent results in races. Learn to disassemble and assemble the machine in your workshop, improve it to achieve even greater heights. Namely, be a locksmith and find out what the machine consists of.

More about the game

Many details in Street Legal Racing Redline will only be available after you overcome other racers in a tenacious race. You will also have a chance to study before the first race. Of course, you will become a great racer if you try. You will discover many opportunities. Despite the number of participants, you can prepare for the race. The creators of the game took care of this.

Game plot

Studying on your first car, purchased at a sale, you can start making money. Thus, a little patience and desire will help you “unwind” even more. For the first car, you will be provided with funds in the game Street Legal Racing Redline. Accumulate virtual money to improve your car. By the way, it is possible to assemble a new car, achieving excellent results in racing. For them, details are given with which you may be able to assemble a new car. Car repair is very necessary, since the technical characteristics acquired as a result of races are different, and therefore need to be considered.

Game mechanics

Are you dreaming of learning how to assemble machine parts yourself? Do you know what a crankshaft is and can you determine the type of engine? In Street Legal Racing Redline, the torrent of which you can download from our portal, you will have the opportunity to completely upgrade your car. Control gearbox and acceleration settings. Moreover, you can also check the level of air and gasoline, balance tire pressure. Everything that is in a standard machine is now easy to understand when playing our game. Of course, this is just computer graphics. But if you wish, you will have a chance to assemble a car that you have long dreamed about. Note that it is important not to overdo it. Go to achieve new results! Great races await you!

Interesting Facts

This racing simulator allows you to upgrade your car in order to be one of the first to arrive in the race. You can not only change spare parts, but also change their characteristics. Thus, you need to know the structure of your car, the main pros and cons.

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