Street Fighter X

System requirements Street Fighter X

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Processor: Intel Dual Core 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon II X2
RAM: 1 GB of memory
Video card: nVidia GF6600 or ATi X1600 with 256 MB memory and support for Shader3.0
Sound Card: Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9.0
Free space on hard drive: 5 GB


Street Fighter X

Grand competitions between representatives of the two most popular fighting universes! The famous Street Fighter fighters will meet in two-on-one epic battles with the participants of the Iron Fist tournament from the cult Tekken series to find out once and for all whose martial arts school is better. Street Fighter X Tekken download torrent is necessary in order to find out that the plot of the game Pandora’s Box is in Antarctica – this is a powerful artifact that has an unknown purpose. The strongest fighters from different parts of the world strive to take possession of it. The fighters understand that to win alone will be incredibly difficult, so they decide to unite, in pairs in a team. In addition to biographies, as well as endings for all teams that are provided for by the plot of the game. There is a neutral ending that will open after the game is played by 2 fighters who are not a team. Ogre and Akuma have no partners according to the plot, so in order to open their ending to them as partners, you can take any fighter.

The passing mode will provide an opportunity to go through several fights, and then the player will face his story rival (for those characters that are considered exclusive, this rule does not apply). Showing the video precedes the one with whom to fight. For the next battle, the player goes out to fight the villain or the main character, as well as his partner. They use the infinite and inexhaustible power of Pandora from the Universe, which is opposite to that from which the first fighter was taken. For the same principles determine the final bosses in the game – Org or Akuma. He fights alone, but he has a double supply of health. No characters have non-plot pairs.

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